A complete ranges of packages & tours

Meeting & Function

Specially made for middle to large corporates and organisations. Choose among 5 or 4 stars rated hotels for a few days meeting, including accommodation & meals, as well as day tour for relax. Enjoy also our benefits: speedy relaxation for stress releasing, and surya namaskar exercise during sunrise.

bali traditional wedding bali traditional wedding bali traditional wedding

Spiritual Tours

As our main package for spiritual traveller. Exploring Bali, visiting sacred places where visitors experience the spirit and get peace, combined with cultural tour, nature sightseeing, where visitors experience the spirit, get peace, and feel the unique world of Bali.

bali spiritual tour bali spiritual tour bali spiritual tour

Discover Bali

Exploring the deepest heart of Bali and experiencing Balinese culture, arts, customs, daily life, wisdom, as well as its beautiful beaches, caldera lakes, and rice field view, and much more.

discover bali discover bali discover bali